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Hey, change is constant and an integral part of the cycles of life. That's why my newsletter looks a bit different.

My evolution as a facilitator of life-affirming practices in leadership, combined with values, purpose, passions, and well-being, has merged together into “Sirius Leadership – Guiding Star for Harmony at Work.”

 It makes my heart sing to facilitate this for other leaders. Everyone needs this in the world and organizations operating with old paradigms that no longer serve.


        What do these words this reflect? What mindset did this evolve from?

·       I am in the trenches with the rest of the field.

·       He threw me under the bus.

·       Run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.

·       This means war. 

·       We better circle the wagons (SO many things wrong with this one!)

·       He sent in a scud missile.

·       Level the playing field

·       Let’s leverage this to our benefit.

·       it’s either/or

·       right or wrong

·       I got an ass chewing.

·       You better CYA.

·       He didn’t have to cut off my head.

·       Processes and systems drive the individual work above.

·       Who said you could have an opinion?

·       I am in charge, you’re not.

·       The proposal bombed.

What words do these reflect? What mindset does this come from?

·       Sensing and responding to needs of the whole.

·       Cooperation and collaboration

·       Compassionate Leadership

·       dignity and inclusion

·       It’s both/and or and/and

·       self-directing and autonomous

·       Slowing down to sense into what is needed.

·       Celebrating diversity in every form

·       Connecting and communicating

·       Nurturing and Nourishing

·       Dynamic and evolving relationships. This is life.

·       All ideas contribute to create solutions.

·       Continuous feedback loops and dialogue

·       Weaving in all individual needs into systems and processes.

·       Co-creating solutions now and future.

·       The Organizational ecosystem

. Larger purpose in service to Life

·       Sensing into where the energy is stuck and where it flows.

·       Nurturing relationships and community

Which would you want to work in/be part of?

Get SIRIUS and create Harmony at Work.

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Author Christine Freeland, Founder Sirius Leadership – Guiding Star for Harmony