They've Got it all WRONG!

There is a lot of discussion outside of and in workplaces about what leaders "need to do" about changing culture, inspiring employees, increasing engagement, and promoting wellbeing in the workplace.

In the continuous struggle to “do more with less”, continuously improve, appear like you are in charge, in control, and have all the answers. To become a star, to be “better” than everyone else to get that promotion while spending most of your time constantly putting out fires – Here is my question.

How in the world can a leader find the time and energy to focus on anything else? How will they learn how to do something when they have no idea or bandwidth on where to start?

They can go to employee engagement workshops or leadership training that focuses on everything they are doing wrong, perhaps giving them ideas of how to change things.

This is what happens next:

They go back to work, back to the struggle, back to all the issues that are still there to deal with that they didn’t get to last week. Or month, or year, with no time to step back and try something new, falling back into the patterns and behaviors that allow them to work on autopilot, which is leading the way they learned from their leaders. A degenerative cycle that cannot be broken with a few hours or weeks of training.

The solution? It’s quite simple. NOT easy.  Anyone who says it is, is full of malarky (whatever malarky is).

It involves a leader making a commitment to reconnect to themselves. To become re-inspired, to reconnect to real-life, their infinite intelligence, and oh, the possibilities and doors that opens up.  They realize they are more than just a cog in the wheel. They have the ability to create harmony in themselves and through this, cultivate it in others, developing a network of connections where everyone supports one another in ways that generate more harmony. Everyone starts viewing how work is performed through a lens of harmony. Systems and processes contribute to the harmony of the organization instead of the confusion. When the going gets tough, people pull together instead of apart.

It’s a great vision isn’t it?

Creating workplace harmony cannot be done alone and it is not a “once and done” deal. It is a way of life, and it needs to be supported for leaders to be able to unlearn, relearn and continue to grow.

This is what I offer organizations. To help leaders connect to and discover new ways of being in harmony at work and to provide continued support and weekly 15-minute check-ins to embed harmony practices to focus, reinforce and cultivate new habits and behaviors. 

Curious to learn more?

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In Harmony,

Christine Freeland

And BTW,

My definition of: Harmony – it is more than just balance. It’s an interweaving of thought, feelings, emotions, and energy. A connecting to our natural intelligences, being in openness to what is, and what is possible. It’s the dynamic forming, changing, evolving of relationships – with our self, others, and all life. It’s Joy and celebration of diversity in all its forms. Reconnecting with Life. 



Author Christine Freeland, Founder Sirius Leadership – Guiding Star for Harmony

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