What if Cave People were the Smart Ones?

What if the Cave People were incredibly evolved and we have been going backwards (devolving) ever since?

First, I want to call attention to the term “Cave People”. I believe this word describing a “primitive” culture, would not have been chosen by them. Back to the narrative.

What if they could weave a basket or make a wooden or clay pot to gather herbs and berries, and make a hunting spear or sharpen a rock to carve meat?

What if they used fewer words and more honoring of emotions and feelings?

What if the Elderly (Elders) were revered and supported by the community which benefited from their wisdom?

What if women and men hunted and foraged when needed? What if everyone protected the community?

What if everyone had a role, including the children? What if rites of passage for children to adult were celebrated and honored? What if their perspectives and opinions were seen as important?

What if those who were “different” were viewed as being touched by the creator and revered as having a close connection to the spirit world and other realms?

What if these ancient people were completely in tune with the natural world, the earth, the heavens, weather patterns, animals, reptiles, fish, insects, trees, plants, and unseen life in the soil? What if they were always in right relationship with nature? What if they lived in abundance with nourishing food available during its season, never taking too much, never ever, destroying forests, honoring their interwoven cycle of the breath of life.

What if they knew where to forage, how to cultivate nourishing soil, how to learn from nature’s creatures, respectfully harvest their meat and, gratefully, staying warm with the pelts. What if every part of animal, tree and plant was used from foraging and hunting, and there was no waste that would dishonor the spirit of the animal and the earth. What if communities grew close around the creation, harvest, and consumption of nutrient dense food? What if harvesting and foraging were timed during the most nourishing cycles?

What if they wore the pelts of animals during rituals to communicate with and honor the spirits, for they knew that the sacred life around them was filled with the energies and spirits of the creator?

What if everyone honored the creator of all things, no matter what religion and spiritual practice, and learned from each others ways and practices to celebrate renewal of life? What if decisions effecting the community and natural world were made by forecasting how it would affect 10 generations into the future? What if they lived lightly on the land, traveling during change of seasons, leaving little trace of where they had been, except for a flourishing environment ready to support their return?

What if they lived in close-knit communities where everyone looked after the children, teaching them love and respect for their community and honoring the living world and how to interpret nature’s wisdom? What if there were no schools, only learning from their elders about observing and noticing the patterns of life and living in harmony?

What if there was no such thing as an obese, soft muscled cave person? What if they were all at the pinnacle of health, going about their daily tasks, active with purpose and meaning to support self, each other, and the natural world they were deeply connected with? What if “work” you did was meaningful because you knew immediately who would benefit?

What if they were taught how to give back more than is taken? What if they were taught how to listen to the wisdom of plants to cure ailments and sickness. What if they had mastered and understood the use of life energy to heal mind body and spirit, and restore harmony and health?

What if the skies and lands are quiet, except for winds, rain, birds, and other sounds of life? What if everything is lush and green with huge trees and carpets of plants and flowers, pollinators and bushes of berries and fruits?

What if there were no factories, no trucks, no planes, no pollution? No noise. What if there was no plastic, smartphones, television, and computers? What if there was no mind numbing, stressful jobs required to pay the bills and work in a damaging culture of busy and lack? What if there was no need to keep your head down and just do your job, then be used up, burnt out and discarded.

What if no one ever felt rushed, instead, existing in rhythm with the natural world as part of their life and community, with everyone knowing what needed to be done for a life of sufficiency and harmony.

What if there were no cars, instead people routinely walked to the nearby farm for fresh milk or their back yard garden for fresh produce. What if they had time to observe, to study and to commune with the living world?

What if there was no endless pursuit of more stuff? What if possession of material wealth and “status” was not the path to self-worth, many times creating dis-ease within, expressing itself as illness from overwork, no rest, estrangement from children and an increasing sense of unrest?

What if there was no need for anti-depressants, no suicides from grave loneliness or drug addictions to deaden the pain of life with no purpose? What if there was no need to create entertainment distractions that allow us to escape our truths, disconnecting from life, ignoring the results of the degenerative societies and businesses in the name of “growth”, and acquiring “stuff” while destroying nature and each other.

What if we took direct lessons from the the ancient wisdom and learned from those native community elders who are still carry the knowledge and are called to help us learn how to honor and love nature and life, reconnecting our souls to what is truly worthy of our time and energy?

What if we all figured out, we have been duped, maybe in time to save ourselves and the planet? What if we figure out what we have created doesn’t create harmony both within and without? What if, since we created what isn’t working anymore, we create some major change?

We are chasing the wrong end of the rainbow. Usually by the mid 40’s and 50’s people start to ask the question, “Is this all there is?” Something is missing. Why have we spent so much time running around in the rate race always trying to be better than the next person, or have more stuff — better house, car, than our neighbor, feeling a big hole in our heart and gut that we have taken the wrong road. How many “mid-life” crises are a result of starting to figure out that they have bought into this great lie of acquiring and consuming as much as possible in order to be “happy”?

What if the definition of “happy” was changed to “Harmony”. What if we created focus on creating harmony with all of life?

It’s time to start slowing down and listening to our hearts, minds, and souls…….and of course, nature who is us and we are….nature.

What if we evolved back to cave people? What would the world look like compared to now? What can we learn and change?

Author Christine Freeland, Founder Sirius Leadership – Guiding Star for Harmony

Inspired by “Sand Talk” by Tyson Yunkaporta, “Braiding Sweetgrass” by Ron Wall Kimmerer. “Regenerative Leadership” by Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm, Gaia Permaculture, Gabor Mate’s “Myth of Normal” and “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews