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Harmony Facilitation to Bring Out the Best in Your People at Sirius Leadership

In this world of constant change and chaos, everyone needs connection to others and the opportunity to give and get support. So, how can you shore up your mental health, well being and deepen your own emotional reservoir?

Start with self-care. We can’t share with others a resource that we lack ourselves. Learn to connect to your 4 intelligences – Heart, Mind, Emotions, and Body to be able to learn and respond effectively with your whole being

Ask for help when you need it. If you don’t ask for that support, the need for it will be revealed in ways that don’t serve you.

Ask others “How are you?” Take time to listen deeply to their full answer and walk through your personal rollercoaster ride.  Just listening is powerful and supportive.

Appreciate everything.  Look for the learning in things that seem bad using your intelligences and self inquire to grow in awareness and harmony.


Develop The Skills You Need For Life

With 32 Year interdisciplinary career with the National Park Service – supervisor 15 years, co-lead national grassroots employee group focused on Innovative Leadership;  implemented project proposal to certify employees to conduct values assessments and facilitate generative dialogue with a values-based lens; Detail with the Stewardship Institute as Leadership Program Manager, coordinated virtual place-based experiences for the Superintendent’s Round Table Program at other parks and with NASA.

I conduct workshops with diverse participants from all over the world. Connecting people to their unique talents & taking inspired action to live life in Harmony with themselves, each other and the planet. 

Christine Freeland, Harmony Facilitator 

CEO & Founder 

“I finally know what my real passion is. Thank you, Christine, for everything. Wishing you inspire so many people in the future.” — Dayu D.


NPS Sirius Leadership

We have separated ourselves from our birthright to be in joy and harmony with lifeIt’s time to reconnect!


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Each one of us embodies the mindsets, tools and awareness to live in harmony with the living world.  Reconnecting to this promotes well being, deeper relationships.