“When we feel our stress response coming on, we could rethink of it as an ancient call from the natural world to reconnect.“ -Tierney Thys, Biologist and Science Educator


Cultivate Harmony with Internal Capacity Building

Widen the Lens with Wonder

Wellbeing & Self-Awareness

Connect with our natural intelligences and to the simplistic beauty and miracle of life.


Connect to Gifts

Discovering passions

Realizing Purpose

Connect to Logic of Life


Recognizing Worth and Value

Cultivate Self Value

Confident with Purpose and Vision

Clarity of thought to inform action


Inspiring fulfillment in others.

Cultivate Deep Relationships

Integrating Nature & Regeneration

Clarity of thought to inform action

Generating feedback loops of information



Develop The Skills You Need For Life

With 32 Year interdisciplinary career with the National Park Service – supervisor 22 years; co-lead national grassroots employee group focused on Innovative Leadership;  implemented project proposal to certify employees to conduct values assessments and facilitate generative dialogue with a values-based lens; Detail with the Stewardship Institute as Leadership Program Manager, coordinated virtual place-based experiences for the Superintendent’s Round Table Program at other parks and with NASA.

I conduct workshops with diverse participants from all over the world. Connecting people to their unique talents & taking inspired action to live life in Harmony with themselves, each other and the planet.

Christine Freeland, Harmony Facilitator 

CEO & Founder 

“Nature is always hinting at us It hints over and over again. And suddenly, we take the hint.” -Robert Frost

Caring Connections – Highest Purpose

A New Way of Leading and Being is needed more than ever with the increasing complexities and challenges we face in organizations and the living world.


Cultivate Harmony Today

The world is full of conflict, polarization and chaos.  Why?  We have become separated:

From our Innate Intelligences to live in harmony with one another and the natural world.

From our ability to learn and understand our emotions and reactions, where they come from and what they are telling us.

From living life in relationship and community the way it was meant to be, following the logic and principles of life we have forgotten.  

Reconnect to your birthright to live return to life in harmony.